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Welcome to numb3rs_news, a compilation of all things Numb3rs on LiveJournal as created by dsudis.

Please note: The newsletter will post once a week on Wednesdays, please PM fredbassett, julietm, ladygray99 and mustangcandi if you have any questions.


numb3rs_news links only to public livejournal posts and does not include off-site links. If we've linked to your content and you'd rather we didn't, please drop a comment on the offending newsletter post, and it will be edited as soon as possible.

numb3rs_news aims to be comprehensive, but LiveJournal is a big place and it's impossible to spot everything. If you see something we missed, please help us out and drop a comment on the latest newsletter post pointing the way after reading our rules and FAQ, both located below.

(Adopted on February 4, 2010)

After careful consideration, the numb3rs_news team has decided to adapt the following rules.

We will no longer link to fics that are missing headers. Fic headers should be clearly marked with characters, some form of rating, and, as applicable, pairings and spoilers. A header containing the information needed to help us create a link might, ideally, look something like this:

Spoilers (optional):
Warnings (optional):

At a minimum:

- Your fic header must include a title, rating and pairing or the statement of an absence of a pairing ("gen" or "no pairing"). We will NOT link a fic without these three things.
- Posting your fic to a pairing community, or genre (gen, het, slash) community doesn’t exclude the fic from requiring an indication of pairing/no pairing because sometimes fic gets crossposted mistakenly. We will refuse to link your fic without those three requirements, no ifs, ands, or buts. So spell it out for us-- Don/Charlie, Charlie/Amita, etc...
- Rating should follow the standard MPAA ratings conventions (G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17) or something similarly intuitive (e.g. Teen, Adult, Mature or the fan-rating system).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I've been friended by something called numb3rs_watcher. What is it?
A: numb3rs_watcher is our aggregator journal. Suggest a comm or journal we should be watching by commenting here!

Q: How do I get my post linked to the newsletter?
A: Post to any of the comms that the numb3rs_watcher watches or leave a link on the prior day's post. Please allow at least 24 hours from the time of the last posted newsletter before commenting.

Q: I've posted my fic to a comm that the numb3rs_watcher watches and the next edition has come out, but my post still isn't there!
A: Two things might have happened. The first, it was posted at the same time as the newsletter going up and we'll pick it up on the next edition of the newsletter. The other is that your post doesn't follow the header requirements for fic that we request. This is at each editor's discretion as to whether they'll skip your post.

Q: Why do I have to have your header to get on the newsletter?
A: The editors are very busy and volunteer their time to compile each edition. They don't have time to search through each fic for the pairing, rating, and title. We simply ask that you follow the same header guidelines that most comms require.

Q: You keep mentioning fic headers. Is that the only post this applies to?
A: Yes and no. It applies to all posts - either in the header or subject line, we need information telling us what your post is about. Fic headers are only the most common posts lacking information. For example, if you would like your graphics linked, please do something along the lines of "Picspam, Don, Trust Metric, 1/3" in the subject line or cut-text of your post.

Q: I don't like your header guidelines and I won't follow them. What are you going to do now?
A: Nothing, your compliance to our guidelines is strictly voluntary. Just keep in mind that we won't publish your post in the newsletter, which reaches over 300 people.

Q: I've corrected my header to fit the numb3rs_news requirements. How do I let you know?
A: Simply link us to the corrected post on the last edition posted. We'll pick it up in the next one.

Q: You only link to livejournal posts?
A: Yes. numb3rs_news will only link to things that have been reported on livejournal. If you've found an interesting article about something related to Numb3rs, please post it at the appropriate community and we will pick it up from there.

Q: If the newsletter isn't being posted everyday, does that mean Numb3rs stuff posted on non posting days will be missed?
A: No. The next scheduled posting date will pick up everything posted after the last edition. If we miss your post please leave a comment in the newsletter.

FAQ updated October, 16, 2011.